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Reno & Dutch duel - see on-line-avi or download


    A rugged cyclist races down the dirt roadways of America, en route to exact justice on unsuspecting criminals. At the same time, this solo vigilante is on the run from the law, trying to evade arrest for a murder which he didn't commit. His name is Reno Raines. To escape imprisonment and with hopes of someday clearing his name, Raines hits the road on his prized Harley, fighting justice wherever he goes while eluding the law.
   The folks who have seen him claim that he makes a striking figure -- and always rebellious -- with his Harley Davidson and his street leathers. He is said to be quick-minded and filled with an adventurous spirit, often times seen escaping dangerous scenes as if he were cat running with all 9 lives.
   If you see him, let the law know.

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