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Nash Bridges

   NASH BRIDGES is about the life and cases of Inspector Nash Bridges of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Lieutenant Bridges is acting head and boss of the SIU (no permanent leader has been appointed since the departure of Lt. Shimamura). Currently, SIU headquarters are located on a boat moored at the Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco. SIU cases range widely from burglary to murder, with members going undercover frequently.
   An equally important part of the show is the personal relationships of Nash and his occasional off-duty cases with partner Joe Dominguez. Nash's father Nick lives with Nash in his spectacular apartment, and daughter Cassidy (from Nash's first marriage with ex-wife Lisa) lives in her mother's home. Both ex-wives have left the show (Wife No.1 Lisa is in Paris, Wife No.2 Kelly is in England). Partner Joe Dominguez is a close friend and confidant. Joe involves an often reluctant Nash in his off-duty cases which are lucrative but often embarassing (such as when Nash and Joe must pose as a gay couple).
   Joe is the second ranking officer in the SIU in terms of experience. Joe has 20 years in the police department, retired briefly as a private investigator, and returned to the SIU. Joe engages in many money-making schemes on his off-time (such as acquiring a gay bar, or marketing his personal recipe for salsa). There are other regular characters in the Special Investigations Unit, ranked in order of their experience and importance:
Harvey Leek, a child of the sixties; Harvey is enlightened through his experience in the counterculture. He is enamored of the Grateful Dead (hence the black armband Harvey continues to wear since the death of Jerry Garcia). Harvey is also technically gifted, being the computer and surveillance expert;
Evan Cortez, young and ambitious; he is said to emulate a younger Nash. Evan pursues women with reckless abandon, including his forbidden (by Nash) relationship with Nash's daughter Cassidy. This has gotten Evan in trouble numerous times (such as when a one-night stand steals his badge).
Nash, Joe, Harvey, and Evan form the core of the SIU - all are in almost every episode. The newest member in Season 3 is Michelle Chan, replacing Bryn Carson from Season 2. Michelle is another ambitious rookie, occasionally getting into trouble from over-exuberence (such as getting involved in shooting incidences). Michelle rides a motorcycle, goes undercover, and has lock picking skills. She is a semi-regular - Michelle has had significant storylines involving her cases, though she has appeared in less than half the episodes of Season 3.
   A prominent feature of the show are the locations and neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay Area (see our feature photo spread on "The Locations of NASH BRIDGES") SIU headquarters are located in the touristy North Beach pier area; Chinatown is frequently used as well as famous restaurants and hotels. The famous hilly streets and bridges (there are five major ones) of San Francisco are traversed by Nash's bright yellow Barracuda. The surrounding Bay area is also used (especially Oakland: the Season 1 SIU headquarters was housed temporarily in an earthquake damaged domed plaza, supposedly in San Francisco, but it was really the Oakland city hall. By Season 2, SIU moved to the Hyde St. Pier).

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