Anthony Edwards Anthony Edwards
Dr. Mark Greene

George Clooney
Dr. Doug Ross

George Clooney
Eriq La Salle Eriq La Salle
Dr. Peter Benton
Julianna Margulies
Nurse Carol Hathaway
Julianna Margulies
Sherry Stringfield Sherry Stringfield
Dr. Susan Lewis
Noah Wyle
Dr. John Carter
Noah Wyle
Laura Innes Laura Innes
Dr. Kerry Weaver
Gloria Reuben
Jeanie Boulet P.A.
Gloria Reuben
Maria Bello Maria Bello
Dr. Anna Del Amico
Alex Kingston
Dr. Elizabeth Corday
Alex Kingston
Kelly Martin Kelly Martin
Medical Student Lucy Knight

Emergency Room

    The overworked and underpaid residents are the heroes of County General Memorial Hospital as they make life-and-death decisions daily. They include Dr. Mark Greene (Edwards), a senior attending physician with a promising future whose job cost him his marriage; Dr. Douglas Ross (Clooney), a charming, womanizing pediatrician; Dr. Peter Benton (La Salle), an intense, self-assured surgeon; the well-intentioned Dr. John Carter (Wyle), who has a year under his belt as an M.D.; Carol Hathaway (Margulies), a compassionate nurse who is still trying to sort out her personal life after a suicide attempt; HIV positive physician’s assistant Jeanie Boulet (Reuben); and Dr. Kerry Weaver (Innes), a tough and determined attending physician who often rubs her colleagues the wrong way. Joining the "ER" team this season are Dr. Anna Del Amico (Bello), a pediatrician specializing in emergency medicine, and Dr. Elizabeth Corday (Kingston), a dedicated surgeon.

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