Nick Slaughter Nick Slaughter .... Rob Stewart
Carolyn Dunn .... Sylvie Gerard
Sylvie Gerard
"Spider" Garvan "Spider" Garvan .... Ian Tracey
Pedro Armendariz Jr. .... Lt. Carillo
Lt. Carillo

Tropical Heat

    Nick Slaughter (ROB STEWART), a former Drug Enforcement Agent, whose unorthodox style of law enforcement led to his "early retirement". With true detective skills, a knowledge of the criminal mind and a penchant for exotic bikini-clad women, Nick has set up shop as a private investigator in Key Mariah. At first glance, this tropical setting resembles paradise. Its unspoiled sun-drenched beaches and easy-going lifestyle attracts wealthy vacationers looking to get away from it all, as well as unsavory characters who are just plain hiding out. Key Mariah, with more than its share of murder, blackmail and intrigue manages to keep Nick busier than he'd like to be. Nick and his partner, the smart, sexy and very beautiful Sylvie Gerard (CAROLYN DUNN) constantly find themselves in exciting and dangerous situations. The cases they handle usually start off as run-of-the-mill but somewhere along the line, things go askew...Client's aren't who or what they seem to be, dead bodies start showing up, and Nick's life is often put in jeopardy. It's all in a days work for Nick and nothing he can't handle, as long as Sylvie is there to help.

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