Lisa Douglas
Eva Gabor
Oliver Douglas
Eddie Albert
Ed Dawson
Tom Lester
Hank Kimball
Alvy Moore
Alf Monroe
Sid Melton
Ralph Monroe
Mary Grace Canfield
Fred Ziffel
Hank Patterson
Doris Ziffel
Barbara Pepper
Sam Drucker
Frank Cady
Joe Carson
Edgar Buchanan
Mr. Haney
Pat Buttram

Green Acres

    Yearning to be a farmer all his life, attorney Oliver Wendell Douglas purchases, sight unseen, the 160-acre Haney farm in Hooterville. Much to the objections of his glamorous and sophisticated wife, Lisa. They relinquish their life of luxury in New York City, and retreat to a shabby, broken-down, unfurnished nightmare --Oliver's Green Acres dream.

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