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     АЛЬФ ( ALF - Alien Life Form) Гордон Шамуэй - Пол Фаско (озвучание)
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     Семья Таннеров с Альфом
Семья Таннеров
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     Вилли Таннер - Макс Райт Click here      Кейт Таннер - Энн Шеддин
Click here      Линн Таннер - Андреа Элсон Click here      Брайн Таннер - Бенджи Грегори
Сосдеи, родственники и все остальные
Click here      Тревор Окмонек - Джон Ламотта Click here      Ракель Окмонек - Лиз Шеридан
       Дороти Халлиган - Энн Меара        Нил Таннер - JM J. Bullock

     Джейк Окмонек - Джош Блейк


ALF - Alien Life Form

   On September 22, 1986 an alien being from the planet Melmac named ALF, crashed here on Earth into the garage of 167 Hemdale, Los Angeles California. It was the home of the Tanner family. Willie the loving father, who was a social worker and had an interest in science, bailed this new family member out of trouble many times. Kate his wife was a housewife and mother. Their kids, Lynn -the teenager, and Brian, both took to ALF very well, and ALF took very well to Lucky the family cat. ALF aka Gordon Shumway, brought with him his culture, his memories, his humor, and his appetite for cats, to the Tanner household.

   Produced by Paul Fusco, ALF aired from 1986-90 on NBC, Monday, 8:00/7c & the movie Project: ALF in 1996 on ABC.

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Альф прячься на кухне!Альф икаетАльф охотится на ЛакиCome fly with me - песня в самолете(audio)Альф что ты делаешь в моем платье?! (audio)Просто кричим (audio)Альф Город Шамуэй (audio)Музыка из заставки (audio)Альф поет (video)Рок-клип Альфа для Линн (video)Музыка из заставки
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